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Machines for pallet production

Machines for pallet production

Nailing machine SMPA 500.2 ED

The nailing machine SMPA 500. 2 ED for pallet production utilises a modern, robust design with an electro-mechanical system to nail pallets of various type and dimensions. The device is standardly equipped with 26 nailing units (optionally up to 40 units). It works with loose nails, and thanks to its electromechanical drive have the lowest power input (1.2 kWh) in its class. It is a suitable solution for operating units where high-quality and fast pallet nailing is necessary with high nail pattern productivity and precision.

Information about the product

  • The machine for making SMPA 500.2 ED pallets is equipped with 26 standards (option max. 40 units) by clamping units.
  • It works with loose nails and thanks to electromechanical drive has the lowest energy consumption in its class (1.2 kWh for the production of 100 pcs of pallets).
  • The machine enables pallets to be made using a universal convertible template of standard format (i.e. arrangement similar to a EUR pallet) with dimensions ranging from 700 mm to 1200 mm and lengths from 600 mm to 1 500 mm.
  • The option is to produce pallets with a maximum length of 3000 mm (table extension) - SMPA 500. ED LP or pallets with max. dimensions 1 500 x 1 500 mm (no foot preparation).
  • Another option is to use fixed templates to produce a particular type of pallet, which allows a quick change of machine settings for different types of pallets. In the base, the machine is equipped with three boxes with 10 outlets, which allow to collect pallets using three types of loose nails (in the option we can include the 4th box, 27 mm to 90 mm).
  • The option is also a box with 12 outlets, the use of which can be found where more is needed

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Technical information

Machine length-  4000 mm

Width-  2150 mm (2950 mm incl. service staircase)

Height - 3100 mm

Machine weights approx. 3000 kg

Degree of coverage IP 54 / IP 20 (see review report below)Charging cycle

The working cycle time is dependent on the time of material creation by the operator

The speed of pallet shift 0.6 m/s. 

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