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Handlers, turners, ...

Handlers, turners, ...

Vacuum handler

The SM-VM 01 vacuum handler is designed for operations wherever timber pile material needs to be automatically moved to the next operation. The material in the timber pile can be interspersed with stabilisation crossers within each layer. The handler is equipped with a system of large -surface vacuum suction pads for moving individual material layers to the input conveyor. The conveyor can include a device for individual packet separation.

Information about the product

The SM-VM 01 vacuum manipulator is a universal lifting device for optimal automation in your production. It enables safe and reliable handling of even lower quality material, eg fallen knots, cracks in the material after drying. It uses a vacuum for horizontal and vertical transport of material for handling and suction.

A number of large-area suction cups according to the customer's wishes. They enable the handling of roughly cut planks as well as several meters of glued trusses or chipboard.

Use: handling boards, prisms, wooden boards, and sheets


  • - handling objects of different shapes, sizes or porous materials
  • - higher efficiency and shorter implementation time
  • - high accuracy and precision of handling
  • - flexible sealing foam (EPDM) for excellent grip
  • - easy installation and simple maintenance

The manipulator meets the requirements for automation, saves labor, and helps prevent health problems caused by lifting and handling heavy loads.


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Technical information

Engine power5-15 kWh
Power supply400 V/3/50Hz