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Cross-cut saws

Cross-cut saws

UKS 850

The UKS 850 trimming saw is designed for trimming both plastered and unplastered lumber. They can be used for shortening dried and non-dried lumber. The material can be cut individually or in a package on the machine. The machines find their application form sawmills to, for example, furniture production.

Information about the product

The UKS 850 machine operator has the option of shortening the material to exact dimensions on the machine using manual mechanical or pneumatic stops or cutting out defects in the material. Material handling is facilitated by conveyors, which can be driven or non-driven. The machines are manufactured in a left and right variants (according to the input of material into the machine). Of course, there are safety features that ensure the safety of workers on the trimming saw. The device meets the strict requirements for work safety, resulting from the relevant regulations and EC directives.

The principle of the saw

The basis of the construction is a solid welded frame, equipped with a swinging arm with a saw unit. The arm feed ensures a different width of the cut material with a continuously adjustable feed speed into the blade cut (see cutting diagram below). There are two-hand controls for starting the cutting cycle on the cutting saws. The front cover of the saw is fixed or extendable by means of a pneumatic cylinder (optional). The upper cover of the saw blade also serves as the pressure of the material to be cut.


The UKS trimming saw can be supplemented with several variants of conveyor systems:

· Fixed tables,

· Roller systems (without drive),

· Driven roller systems,

· Belt conveyors,

· Multidirectional rollers,

· Ball tables for high loads

Measuring systems

The overall production capacity is significantly increased by the rapid determination of the length of the shortened material. As an additional device, several ways of precisely setting the cut dimensions can be supplied with the cutting saw:

· Fixed stop - manually adjustable on the roller conveyor ruler,

· Digital stop system - with fast and accurate length selection (manual setting of each dimension)

· Fully automatic NC system - computer setting of the cut with an automatic stop, records of manufactured assortments, parts lists, extraction program, barcode printer, etc.

Special construction

At the customer's request, we produce shortening saws in a non-standard design designed for specific production technologies.

Other design options include:

· Roller table for easier movement of especially heavier materials,

· Built-in belt conveyor for automatic movement of the cut material,

· Inclined saw construction for shortening the material with fast feed,

· Full covering of the machine for use in automatic lines,

· "Box" design of the saw with safety modification to a serial production line

· Lowering the incision with the foot pedal,

· Connection of the automatic material feeder,

· Color of the machine according to the customer's wishes,

· Continuous regulation of the disc stroke height

· Regulation of the pressure stroke height,

· Laser marking of the cut


Technical information