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Cross-cut saws

Cross-cut saws

UKS 850/1000/1000 MAX AUTOMAT

The cutting saw UKS 850/1000/1000 MAX Automat is designed for cutting prints, construction lumber, or sharply cut boards, ie. material requiring a large cutting diagram. Another use is the shortening of french fries in the production of pallets or the processing of prism residues.

Information about the product

The saw was designed to replace the operator's hard physical work, eliminate operator error, be able to change short lengths quickly, and be able to handle a wide range of input lengths. All this results in a large saving of material, saving time for processing a unit of material and, last but not least, much simpler and safer work for the machine operator. Of course, there are safety features that ensure the safety of work on the optimization saw. The machine meets the strict requirements for work safety, resulting from the relevant regulations and EC directives.

The machine desrciption

Insertion device

- for lumber of input length according to customer requirements (3.2 m - 7.2 m)

- entrance table with rollers

- AC SERVO drive unit, high accuracy, long life, minimal noise

- linear travel of the trolley in the integrated closed profile

- continuous feed speed 0 to 60 m / min

- start of the loader feed - foot pedal, two-hand control (with the cut space cover open)

- sufficient feeder power for heavy parts

- the possibility of processing the material in the package

- measuring the length of parts

The Saw

- rigid and durable construction for work in difficult conditions

- saw blade 600 -800 mm

- engine power 11 kW / 15kW / 22kW

- tool feed speed into the cut continuously adjustable with hydro-pneumatic control system

- upper pneumatic pressure of the cut piece

- lateral pneumatic pressure

- tolerance of max. material positioning accuracy +/- 1 mm

- touch control panel

Output conveyor

- steel table smooth or with rollers 2 m long (or according to customer requirements)

- length combination of blanks controlled according to the selected program

Basic functions of the device

Separate cut

It allows the operator to work with the cover open and using the loader as a ruler. The desired position of the loader is set on the dial of the control panel or using the arrows on the touch screen. The cut is started using a two-hand controller. It is mainly used for processing residual material, shorts or prisms.

Manual mode

Setting of one cut value for the entire length of the input material. Starting the cuts with the foot flap. Automatic cutting of the entire material to one set value. Continuous adjustment of face cutting according to the operator's request. Return to the preset value of the length of the input material. Use for the production of cubes. The advantage is a fast transition between individual values ​​with frequent changes of the input material.

 Automatic mode

Setting the required combination of values ​​for the entire length of the input material to ensure high yields. Continuous adjustment of face cutting according to the operator's request. Return to the preset value of the length of the input material. Number of lengths in program 10 (possible selection of lengths from the entered data for a given cut), number of programs 20 (10 programs for cutting lengths in a fixed order, 10 programs for cutting optimization). Fast and easy rewriting of programs, high variability. Use for the production of blanks for a wide range of packaging products.

The Service

The saw can be operated by one employee in the case of using a transverse loading conveyor, after which the material comes to be cut, eg from a frame saw. The location of the second worker is limited by the weight and amount of material to be loaded on the machine without the transverse loader.

Capping saw capacity

The production capacity is determined by the cross-sectional dimensions of the processed material, its length and the assortments produced. Data on the maximum feed speed of the feeder up to 60 m / min and the speed of one cutting stroke of 4 to 10 seconds can be used for the calculation. On average, we process about 40 m3 of pallet blank per shift, or about 30 thousand. pcs of cubes for the production of pallets. In the case of shortening the prism with a length of 5 m with an average of 0.2 m3 per prism, the capacity is about 8 m3 with a prism per hour.

Another possible extension of the UKS 850/1000/1000 MAX Automat saw

- The shortening machine can be supplemented with handling elements at the input and output of the machine.

- A transverse chain conveyor can be used at the entrance.

- A driven roller conveyor (length 2 m or 3 m) with pneumatic extrusion of the package onto the transverse gravity chutes can be used at the output.

- The output of the machine can be supplemented with a rake conveyor for cuttings or cut cubes.

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Technical information

Saw bladeø 600- ø 800 mm
Holding diameter of the saw blade ø 80 mm
Engine power
11 kW (15 kW, 22 kW options) ø 80 mm
Material input speed60 (optionally 120) m/min.
Power supply400 V/3/50 Hz
Pressurized air connection0,8MPa
Exhaust2 x ø 120 mm – 30 m/s mm - 30m/s

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