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Cross-cut saws

Cross-cut saws

UKS 1000

Cross-cut saws UKS 1000 are intended for shortening of plastered and edged lumber. They can be used for shortening of dry and non-dry timber. The machine can cut material individually or in the packet. Machines find their usage from sawmill operations until, for example, furniture production. The operator has the option to cut the material to exact dimensions on the machine using hand or pneumatic stops or cut off the material defects. Handling with equipment is facilitated by conveyors which can be the driver of propelled. The machines are manufactured in a left and right variant (according to the input of material to the machine). Of course, there are security features that ensure the security of work on the rip saw. The machine fulfils the strictest demands on safety of work follows from relevant EC regulations and directives.

Information about the product

The Saw Principle

The basis of the structure is the solid welded frame, fitted with a tilting arm with the saw aggregate. The movement of the arm is secured by the pneumatic cylinder with continuously regulated speed of travel into the cut. The basic difference between crosscut saw UKS 400 and saws UKS 700 and UKS 1000 is in the trajectory of saw blade which allows different width of cutting material with the same diameter of the saw blade (see the cutting diagram below). At the cross cut saw is the two-handed control running of the cutting cycle. The front cover of the saw is fixed or retractable by a pneumatic cylinder (optional). The upper cover of the blade also serves as a pressure to cut material.


The UKS cross-cut saws can be complemented with several variants of conveyor systems:

- Fixed tables

- Roller systems (without the drive)

- Driven roller systems

- Belt conveyors

- Multidirectional rollers

- Ball tables for high loads

Measuring Systems

The overall production capacity is significantly increased by quick determination of the length of the shortened material. As a complementary device, we, therefore, produce and offer several manners of accurate setting of the cutting dimensions:

- Fixed stopper - manually adjustable at the rule of the roller conveyor

- Digital system of the stopper - with fast and accurate length selection (manual setting of each dimension)

- Fully automatic NC system - computer setting of the cut with automatic stopper, filing of produced assortments, piece lists, yield program, barcode printer, etc.

Special Construction

On request of the customer, we produce cross-cut saws in non-standard design designed for specific production technologies.

Other structural options include

- Roller conveyor for simpler movement especially of heavier materials

- Built-in belt conveyor for automatic movement of the cut material

- Tilted structure of the saw for shortening material with rapid movement

- Structural modifications for incorporation into lines

- Reversed input side machine

- Complete machine safety sheeting for automatic lines use

- Foot-actuated control, connected with the automatic material feeder

- Customized painting

- Adjustable saw blade height adjustment

- Adjustable clamp height

- Laser cut marking


Technical information