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Machines for pallet production

Machines for pallet production

SMOP Pallet Processing Line

Fully automated production line consists of 5 working units (see below) in an automatic mode of running aggregate. The machine can work independently, or it can work into production line behind nailing machine SMPA 500.1 ED. After-treatment line SMOP allows processing pallets with dimensions in widths from 700 mm to 1200 mm and lengths from 600 mm to 1500 mm.

Information about the product

System of working on the machine:
The operator places the palette on the input feeding conveyer and confirms the running of the process or the palette enters the line fully automatically from the nailing automated machine SMPA 500.1 ED. Then the palette passes through the individual operations without the presence of operators up to the final output to the non-driven output conveyer. Individual aggregate engines run automatically during the passing of the palette and after completion of the work they are disconnected up to the arrival of the other palette. On the output cylindrical conveyer, the operator performs the final visual inspection and manual stacking. Control system allows deactivate individual sections of the line, when it is not necessary to perform specific operations on the palette. A further option is the incorporation of the driven output conveyer with the subsequent use of the stacker.

Composition of the equipment:

1. The input roller driven conveyer
  • steel construction of the machine with driven steel rolls
  • span of rolls about 250 mm (for 600 mm long palette)
  • driven system with manual placement of the palette or the fully automated regime for the placement of the palette from the nailing machine
2. Marking of pallets
  • pneumatic pressing of the palette during marking
  • pneumatic movement of burning signs
  • electric resistance heating of templates – adjustable temperature
  • input power of burning template of approximately 1,2 kW – total 6,8 kW
  • regulated time switch of burning time from 3 to 20 s
  • hole for the exhaustion of burnt gases with the diameter of 150 mm
3. Cutting corners of palette
  • 4 disk saws
  • independent movable motor units
  • exhausting neck 4x 120 mm
  • input power of the unit 2,2 kW – total 8,8 kW
  • possibility of marking pallets EUR “control staple”
4. Continuous milling aggregate
  • automatic movement of the palette
  • independent tilting motor units with copying milling equipment
  • mechanical setting copying unit
  • upper pressing wheels
  • securing against back throw
  • input power of the unit 1,1 kW – total 6,6 kW

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Technical information

Total input electro24 kW
Connection3×380V / 50Hz
Air connection8 bar (0,8 Mpa)
Air consumption100 l/min.
Machine capacity2 pallets in a minute
Service1 worker input + 1 output
Dimensionsee enclosure
Weight1200 kg
Exhaustingrecommended FT 302 – 2×120mm

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