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Machines for pallet production

Machines for pallet production

Palletizing lines

The palletizing line comprises a powerful SMPA nailing automat, SMOP pallet processing line, SMPS stacker, and outlet roller conveyor.

Information about the product

  • Based on a given production hall layout, the range can be configured to various shapes (straight, L- or U).
  • In order to achieve greater flexibility and power output, a parallel setup of 2-3 automatic nailing machines linked to the corresponding pallet processing line can be implemented.
  • The connection of individual production line sections is performed using a chain, roller, or belt conveyors.
  • For the output part of the line (stack collection), we offer appropriate lengths in the form of chain or slat conveyors.

    Palletizing line configuration options:

    Straight configuration of the palletizing line

    L-shaped configuration of the palletizing line

    The parallel configuration of the automatic nailing machines, linked to the pallet processing line