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Machines for pallet production

Machines for pallet production

Our own patented solution

Dear customers, we all are facing pretty difficult times... let us inform you, that we have a great new ready just for you!

Dear customers,

our team is pleased to inform you, that the results of our development and research in the field of palletizing technologies have also been approved by the European Patent Office, which granted patent No. EP2563557 for our products: Nailing machine, on 08.01. 2020.

Patent protection is a prerequisite for the success of our company on the global market. We invest a huge package of resources in research and development of new products, which bring our customer extensive advantages of machine hammering of pallets, consisting mainly of energy savings. The patented technical solution consists mainly of the use of linear actuators for pushing nails and achieving significant savings. The innovation strategy of our company is based on the continuous improvement of all Störi Mantel s.r.o. products. Including ensuring the legal protection of new technical solutions.

We are glad to announce, that there is so much more to come in the upcoming period, thus, please stay tuned and follow up with us. 

Best regards

Ing. Pavel Frňka