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Cross-cut saws

Cross-cut saws


Optimising cross-cut saw KP 500 Optim is designed for woodworking companies, which process massive wood and put maximum emphasis on the quality and yield of their production. Optimising saw KP 500 Optim is used for cutting out defects and optimising fixed lengths of blades in the production of glued blocks, boards, massive furniture parts, floor, floorboards, boards, packages, etc. Stable and robust design of the optimisation saw ensures accurate and rapid cuts in wood. Feeding equipment moves reduced material to cut with high speed and positioning accuracy of ± 0.3 mm.

Information about the product

The operator performs a visual assessment of a piece and marks the location of defects with a chalk. The material is put on the insert table of the machine – there is an automatic load of the length and marked defects. This information is processed by a powerful NC tools which set a breakdown plan of embedded material. Then the automatic start and shifting of the material into the cut follow. Cut parts at the output from the optimization machines meet the requirements according to the identified defects and specified fixed lengths of material.

Of course, there are security features that ensure a  security of work on the rip saw. The machine fulfils the strictest demands on the security of work follows from relevant EC regulations and directives.


Feeding device

Length of the feeding device 4,2 m, 6,2 m (smooth metal table without rollers)

Left version of the machine (material input from the right side)

Maximum weight of processed material at the input 75 kg

Forward feed speed of pusher 1,5 m/s

Tolerance of max. accuracy +/- 0,3 mm 

Reverse speed of the loader (material loading) max. 2 m/s

Time for positioning and the cut - about 2,4 sec

Material feeding – open aluminium axis with linear lead, feeding by toothed belt 50 mm,  servo-drive + planetary gearbox

Pneumatic lifting pusher for reading material length and reading of material defects

Automatic start of the feed of the loader

Input pneumatic lever pressure

Tilt of input table 8°


Power of main motor 5,5 kW (7,5  kW optional)

Transfer of torque on the shaft by toothed belt of the width 30 mm

Saw blade diameter 500 mm (550 mm)

Dynamic lift of the blade to cut by pneumatic cylinder 

Continuous regulation of speed and cutting height 

The upper pressure  of cut piece

Output rolling pressure is optional 

Selection of an activation and deactivation of the input pressure (output pressure is optional) 

Safety – covering of area of cross-cut unit

Side tilt table of cross-cut units 8 °

Control panel – colour LCD Touch Screen 15“

Soundproofed cabinet design

SM OPTIMAL control software

Output table, belt conveyor

Sheet metal hard smooth table of the length of 2 000 mm

Sorting conveyor of length of 3 m, 4 m, 6 m, 8 m is optional

Pneumatic sorters of the assortments - ejectors 

Lateral tilt of the output table or sorting belt 8 °

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Basic functions of the device

1. Length optimization

At the beginning, the lengths and number of pieces of the desired range enter the piece list. This data can be then activated in the optimization program. It lies in the combination of selected lengths of cut range to minimize waste. At the same time, the piece list monitors the amount of cut material and interrupts work in completing the task in the specified range. The saw automatically measures out the length of the inserted material so more inserted lengths can be combined without prior sorting. The program can set the desired length of the cutting of fronts. On the rear conveyor belt position for sorting according to lengths of lumber. Each ejector is triggered when the part of the specified length is cut off. Sorting is done Sorting is done by throwing into the prepared boxes or on the lateral slip.

Number of optimized lengths is without limit.

2. Qualitative optimization – waste

Optimization of timber according to the quality allows the use of working cycle of previous functions together with the possibility of marking timber defects by chalk. Chalk contains a substance which records the control system of the saw. By crossing the stop over the cut material in retrograde motion are written the current locations of necessary cuts. The resulting parts in various lengths between the carved defects are automatically measured and using a computer are cut into fixed lengths according to the optimized cutting scheme. The piece list determines the number of cut pieces of the length in question. If the cut part does not meet the length of the smallest chosen product range, it goes to waste. 

On the rear conveyor belt position for sorting according to the lengths of lumber. Each ejector is triggered when the part of the specified length is cut off. Sorting is done by throwing into the prepared boxes or on the lateral slip.

Production capacity of optimization line

The production capacity is determined by the dimensions of the processed material, its quality and produced assortments. For calculation the data about the average speed of the loader 60 m/min. and the rate of one cycle of cut approximately 1,0 second can be used. For the materials of the length of 5 m, spruce, 30 x 90 mm, 4 cuts on 1 m is a production capacity 200 – 300 m per hour. 

Optional sorting driven roller conveyor on output

Rear sorting conveyor with the possibility of longitudinal separation into more storage boxes. The system works on a principle of electronic lengths measurement and classification into the boxes with ejectors. 


Technical information

SM OPTIMAL control software

Saw blade500, 550 mm
Engine power5,5 kW, 7,5 kW
Loader driveServomotor
Cut precision+-0.5 mm (+-0.1 mm optional)
Feeding speed120 m/min.
Pressurized air connection0.8 MPa
Exhaust1 x 120 mm - 30m/s
Operating height850 mm
Integrated control panel with touchscreen
The length of the feeder table3.2 m- 7.2 m

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