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Machines for pallet production

Machines for pallet production

High capacity line for pallet production SMHC

Störi Mantel produces high-capacity lines for pallet production SMHC-Line in models. The first line consists of two nailing machines with the option to reconfigure the line to different pallet types and sizes mechanically. The second is a fully universal line with three nailing machines that can be quickly reconfigured using electric engines to different pallet types and sizes. The line capacity is approximately 2000 pallets (8 hours). The production line contains an optional line for SMOP machining and an SMPS stacker. High-capacity lines can be assembled with various modifications, depending on the customer’s requirements.

Information about the product

The high-capacity line for pallet production SMHC-Line consists of three nailing machines, offers maximum universality, and is designed to nail different pallet types and sizes.

The complete line of full equipment consists of modules that allow efficient pallet production with minimum line operation. The universality of this line is achieved through its configuration, consisting of three nailing machines to produce individual parts of the pallet.

First, the top deck board is produced on the SMPA 3 deck nailing machine and automatically handled and arranged onto pallet blocks in the SMPA 1 machine. Using the vacuum handler, pallet blocks are supplied from the block cutting machine. The deck is attached to the blocks and the pallet then moves to the SMPA 2 nailing machine, where lower boards are automatically positioned by the vacuum handler. After the lower boards are attached, the pallet leaves the line to auxiliary machines for cutting edges, stamping brands and chamfering the lower boards. The final part of the line is a stacker to stack pallets on top of each other and keep them in position. The line’s output is stacks of pallets on the output conveyor, ready to be taken by forklift.

The safety of the operators, low energy costs and production precision, including nail patterns and pallet finishing, are the first and foremost priorities in the production line’s design.

Description of individual line parts: