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Machines for pallet production

Machines for pallet production

Automatic line with a continuous pallet production cycle system

Do you produce pallets and would you like to automate your production more? Do you need to knock down, stack, burn signs, cut or mill pallets?We are able to offer you specific solutions for your pallet production needs. We can offer you separate parts of the palletizing line as well as a complete line for the production of pallets with a capacity of 500 pallets per shift, but also a universal high-capacity line SMHC for the production of 2000 pallets per shift, in this case, you see a solution with the patented Electric Drive system. The complete lines consist of individual modules of the folding machine for pallet production SMPA 500. 2 ED, SMPS pallet stacker, SMOP pallet processing line, conveyors, manipulators, turners, etc.

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What parts do our automatic line with a continuous pallet production cycle system consist of?


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