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Machines for pallet production

Machines for pallet production

2-operation Nailing machine SMPA 500.2ED

The SMPA 500.2 ED [Electric-Drive] 2-operation nailing unit represents a modern robust design with an electromechanical system for nailing pallets of various types and dimensions. It is a suitable solution for operations where it is necessary to nail pallets with high work productivity and high accuracy of the nail pattern.

Information about the product

  • modern robust design with an electromechanical system for nailing pallets of various types and dimensions. 
  • The Electric-Drive has the lowest energy power input [1.2 kWh] in its class.
  • Due to its concept and price, it is designated for medium-size operations.
  • With a capacity of 400-450 pallets per shift with 2 operators.
  • The machine works with freely poured nails.

Occupational safety

The machine meets the strict occupational safety requirements arising from the corresponding EC directives and regulations.

Machine operation system

This nailing unit is equipped with an extended bench for the production of complete pallets in two operations. The unfinished and finalized pallet is placed “in succession” within a single machine cycle.

The result is a completely nailed pallet, which is automatically transported to the machine output bench. Semi-finished

pallet inserted in the template of the first operation returns back to the operator. Here the operator flips it into the

template of the second operation and adds the missing panels and material to it. At the same time, the operator

inserts new material in the template of the first operation. Once the nailing starts, the pallet is nailed and the template

returns to the operator, the cycle is repeated.

An advantage of this operation is its wide variability. It allows for nailing not only the standard EURO pallet types, but

also closed, two-way, four-way other special type pallets, which cannot be produced using the classic nailing units.

The nailing unit can be either used as a separate device or it can be amended by the SMPT technology as a complete

line for pallet after-treatment, including a stacker and an output chain conveyor.

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