One Blade Rip Saw FLS 170



Modern processing technology of solid wood with using one blade rip saw FLS 170 significantly increases yield and productivity and values the quality of wood material. Emphasis on the cut quality and simplicity of service is a matter of fact.

Highly universal saw FLS 170 finds application mainly in small and medium-sized plants. The FLS 170 can cut prisms, planks, beams and large-area material. Input materials can be plastered, swept, formatted and it is possible to produce blanks and plates. It can be cut at an angle and miter.

The advantage of the machine is high speed and accuracy of cuts and high degree of flexibility of input and output dimensions of the processed material. FLS 170 is valued in furniture workshops, production of semi-finished for windows, doors and stairs. It also operates successfully in the processing of large materials, carpentry workshops and in the manufacture of wooden buildings. The machine can be also used for cutting non wood materials, e.g. polyurethane panels, sandwich panels, plastic plates, aluminum plates, etc.

Of course there are security features that ensure security of work on the rip saw. The machine fulfils the strictest demands on security of work follows from relevant EC regulations and directives.

Possibilities of Processing Material using the FLS 170 Saw

fls1 fls2 fls3
fls6 fls7

Setting and mode of the saw

Cutting material, loosely put down on the desktop, is cut lengthwise by movable saw-blade. After the cut the saw blade retracts under the work table of saw and passes to the starting position. The rear longitudinal backstop (ruler) moves the cut material on a new value of the width of cut.


The rear backstop allows easy and quick setup of the width of cut. Values can be automatically selected using the three software systems:

Absolute settings – provides automatic drive of material to be cut to the selected width.

Chain setting – the automatic movement to the specified value (decrease of the total width + saw kefr).

Optimalization system – automatic combination of widths in one material according to the operator preset values (width optimization for maximum yield).

All types of control are available in standard equipment configuration. Infinitely adjustable blade feed speed 0 – 80 m/min. guarantees high cutting performance. Infinitely variable feed speed using a foot pedal or a control panel of the machine. Control of the stroke blade ensures a clean cut and cut surface quality. Changing of the blade is easy and safe – quick cramping of the saw blade. The saw is equiped with a laser, which ray distinguishes the cutting line on material and allows precise adjustment of the cut.

FLS 170 – represents solidity and precision

Rugged and tough welded machine frame is made as a self-supported steel construction with a central prop and high ground clearance together with precise guidance of a saw unit ensures a long service life.

Possible extension

  • pneumatic pressure 3000 mm (may be multiplied by the length of cutting machines)
  • increase of the cutting width to 3000 mm
  • engine 15 kW
  • metal rollers
  • metal plate with 6 pieces of rolls
  • chains for material handling in the machine table
  • overhead backstop (allows pasting material from the back of the machine)
  • cross table – base + measurement
  • cross table – additional

Technical Data of the FLS 170 Machine

Cut length [mm]

2200 – 16200

Cut width [mm]

450 – 3000

Thickness (height) of the material


– saw blade 550 [mm]


– saw blade 450 [mm]


Minimum of the cutting width [mm]


Accuracy of the cut [mm]

± 0.5

Diameter of the saw blade [mm]

450 – 550

Saw blade clamping diameter [m/min]